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Just Transition in Greece and in Europe

Green Tank’s Nikos Mantzaris participated in the pan-European conference of Client Earth, an organization of environmental lawyers, on November 9th. In particular, in the session on Just Transition he presented a brief history of the transition in Greece with emphasis on the role of mayors and NGOs in the progress that has been made during…


The draft delegated act on taxonomy is out! Annex I, p.112: "Life-cycle GHG emissions from the generation of electricity using gaseous and liquid fuels are lower than 100gCO2e/kWh", i.e. #fossilgas plants are NOT considered sustainable. https://bit.ly/3lSSAxs

Decarbonization of Eastern Europe’s Energy Mix Key to Higher EU Climate Goals:
@BloombergNEF with support from @BloombergDotOrg examined the least-cost pathways for the power sector in Poland, Czechia, Romania and Bulgaria