Comments on eight new action plans for protected species and habitats

The Green Tank participated in the public consultation organized by the Ministry of Environment and Energy on draft joint ministerial decisions for the approval and implementation of eight action plans for species and habitat types of community interest, submitting horizontal comments and recommendations regarding all action plans.

Completing the eight draft action plans and organizing a consultation on eight new national action plans for habitat species and types, following the two national and one regional action plans approved in 2017, constitute clearly positive developments.

Advancing these action plans contributes to the implementation of national law and the national biodiversity strategy, compliance with Greece’s EU and international commitments, utilization of funds allocated to EU projects and the available scientific knowledge with the evident collaboration of varied services, actors and NGOs for their completion.

Nonetheless, issues related to the structure, completeness, and documentation of the action plans, the extent to which they are publicly available and whether they encourage their participatory implementation are highlighted. For these issues the Green Tank has made specific recommendations to address them.

You can read the detailed comments (in Greek) the Green Tank submitted to the public consultation here.