Nature Greece: a new brand name for Greece’s nature

The proposal for the creation of a new brand name “Nature Greece” to promote Greece’s nature was presented in an article in the Sunday edition of the To VIMA newspaper.

Nature Greece constitutes a presentation of Greece’s nature and its protected areas in connection with local destinations, services and local products. In the article, Ioli Christopoulou mentions that this is a new idea by the Green Tank, which draws inspiration from examples and practices in other countries, but which seeks their adaptation and evolution to match Greece’s particular characteristics. Although the initial emphasis is on the provision of information to visitors through a central online platform, as she notes, the possibilities are not exhausted in the tourism sector; rather, it is is possible to connect the brand name with a label or even a certificate for local products.

This idea, which highlights the development prospects of protected areas, was first proposed by the Green Tank during a day conference organized by Greece’s Ministry of Environment and Energy in the fall of 2019, and has since been presented on various occasions. The proposal was adopted by the Natural Environment and Climate Change Agency (NECCA) and has integrated in the projects seeking to be financed via the Recovery and Resilience Fund.

The article titled “An international brand name for Greece’s nature” by Machie Tratsa was published (in Greek) in the Sunday edition of the newspaper To VIMA on 13.06.2021:

Διεθνές brand name για την ελληνική φύση

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