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Comment on air pollution in the Western Balkans

Comment by Nikos Mantzaris on the need for the European Union to provide financial assistance to the lignite areas of the Western Balkans, in an article by Machie Tratsa published in the Financial Post (Oikonomikos Taxydromos)

Commission’s measures and EU ETS

Statement by Nikos Mantzaris to Filis Kaitatzis and the newspaper Political on the results of the recent Green Tank report on trends in the European Emissions Trading System in Greece and in Europe.

Climate neutrality: use of available funds is key

An opinion piece by Ioli Christopoulou on the elements that must characterize the planning at the national and regional levels in order to utilize in the best way the available financing opportunities that Greece has during the upcoming period that was published on

Energy Communities: Barriers and opportunities

Ioanna Theodosiou presents recommendations to support the deployment of Energy Communities in order to overpass the existing problems, in her comments to Machie Tratsa, journalist of the Sunday edition of the newspaper To VIMA.