About us

The Green Tank is an independent, non-profit think tank developing policy solutions for a sustainable future.

Our work relates to the three pillars of sustainable development: environment – economy – society, with emphasis on:
  • Biodiversity conservation and the sustainable management of natural resources and ecosystems;
  • Climate change mitigation and adaptation, decarbonization with a simultaneous shift to renewable energy sources, energy efficiency and energy savings;
  • Transition towards a sustainable economy;
  • Social well-being, social cohesion and the improvement of people’s quality of life.
Aiming at contributing to the protection of the environment, tackling climate change and the advancement of sustainable development, we:
  • Foster interaction and collaboration with key actors and organizations;
  • Partake in and strengthen the public discourse;
  • Monitor, research and analyze the scientific, policy and legal developments;
  • Formulate well-documented proposals and develop alternative options that are addressed to stakeholders and decision-makers.

The Green Tank was established as an independent civil non-profit organization in 2018. Read our statutory document here.

The Green Tank builds on the long standing experience and expertise of its founding partner team on environmental, climate and energy policy.

The Green Tank is supported by an Advisory Committee, composed of experienced individuals with varied backgrounds and professional paths relevant to the work and efficient operation of the organization. The members of the Advisory Committee contribute to the strategic decisions and priorities of the Green Tank.