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The role of NGOs in Just Transition in Greece and Europe

Nikos Mantzaris gave a presentation on the role of Non-Governmental Organizations in the Just Transition of lignite regions to the post-lignite era at the 6th Regional Conference “Move.Link.Engage: Partnership, Solidarity and Responsibilityin the Post-COVID 19th Era” organized in September 21-23 by the Belgrade Open School (BOS) with the support of the Swedish Embassy in Belgrade.


Το Φόρουμ Δίκαιης Μετάβασης έχει ως στόχο να αναπτύξει τη συνεργασία μεταξύ δημάρχων, φορέων και ΜΚΟ που εργάζονται για τη στροφή των τοπικών οικονομιών στις λιγνιτικές περιοχές της ΕΕ προς βιώσιμη κατεύθυνση #JustTransition. Τι συζητήθηκε στο 3ο Φόρουμ;👇

The discussion in #Serbia around #JustTransition to the post-lignite era has begun. NGOs can help in catalyzing synergies and policy changes to shift local economies towards sustainable economic activities @BOSPolicyLab @SEEBeyondCoal 👉https://thegreentank.gr/en/2020/09/24/the-role-of-ngos-in-just-transition-in-greece-and-europe/