The role of green hydrogen in the energy transition

Green hydrogen, namely hydrogen produced from 100% renewable energy sources, is among the energy resources that Europe and Greece must use to achieve climate neutrality by 2050. In comments made on Matroni Dikaiakou’s TV show “Diavoulefseis”, Hellenic Parliament TV, Nikos Mantzaris summarised the benefits and limitations in the use of this energy resource.

Among the benefits, he highlighted the potential contribution of green hydrogen to the decarbonisation of industrial processes whose carbon footprint has remained almost stagnant for years, but also to road transport, shipping and air transport.

On the other hand, the use of hydrogen is not indicated for sectors such as electricity production or the substitution of fossil gas for heating and energy in buildings, as in these sectors there are clearly better and cheaper solutions such as the combination of renewables and mature storage technologies for electricity generation or heat pumps combined with renewables for buildings.

Given that green hydrogen production requires additional renewables to produce the electricity needed for water electrolysis, balance is needed both in the selection of end uses and the scale in order to not be deproved for renewable energy for electricity production during this period when we need it the most.

The TV show was broadcasted on Saturday January 28, 2023 and is available at the YouTube channel of Hellenic Parliament TV.

You can listen to Nikos Mantzaris’ statements here (in Greek):