Climate Change & Energy

Trends in electricity production – January 2024

In January 2024, renewables had the second highest monthly production historically (2,207 GWh), just behind the first in August 2023 (2,254 GWh). Together with large hydro, they covered almost 60% of electricity production and almost 57% of demand. Electricity consumption increased by 6.6% compared to January 2023.

Measures to shield households against the energy and climate crisis

Analysis by The Green Tank and Facets examines 8 scenarios for the residential housing sector and 2 scenarios for the road transport sector and identifies the most efficient combinations of measures that will reduce both the carbon footprint and energy bills of households by 2030. The implementation of these measures can lead up to €1.6 billion annual economic benefits in 2030 for the Greek households, while also reducing emissions from both sectors by up to 7.1 million tonnes of CO2

Trends in fossil gas consumption & imports – January 2024

In January 2024, fossil gas consumption was the highest since March 2022, exceeding 6 TWh for the first time in 21 consecutive months. Industrial gas use is on a constant rise, recording the second highest consumption (0.8 TWh) in six years for the month of January since January 2021. The other two uses, namely electricity and distribution networks, also saw an increase. For the 5th consecutive month, exports from the Sidirokastro gate were zero.

Energy milestones 2023: Greece has embraced the energy transition

In an interview for Eco News, SKAI TV, and Korina Georgiou, Ioanna Souka, Data analyst, presents the data for 2023 that show that the country has embraced the energy transition and is moving towards fossil fuels phase out. Based on the data processed by The Green Tank, in 2023 clean energy in electricity production reached 57%, while for about one month of the year lignite production was zero. At the same time, fossil gas consumption has been decreasing

Trends in electricity production – December 2023

In 2023, for the first time clean energy (renewables and large hydro) with 25,407 GWh covered more than half of the demand (51.4%) and 57% of electricity production. Fossil gas continued its “free fall” for the 2nd consecutive year. The share of lignite in the electricity production fell below 10% (9.1%) for the first time as the country operated without lignite for 28 days. Demand in 2023 was the lowest in the last ten years (49,479 GWh), down 2.4% compared

More renewables, self-produced energy and reduced energy consumption among the energy milestones for 2023

Interview on the radio show Euranet, SKAI 100.3 FM with Korina Georgiou. The Green Tank’s data analyst, Ioanna Souka, presents Greece’s energy performance in 2023, and analyses the factors that will enhance Greece’s shift to renewable energy sources. The discussion follows the news report by K. Voutsadakis for the Athens – Macedonian News Agency on the energy records of 2023, which draws on The Green Tank’s analyses.