Why everyone should be involved in the green transition

In a period when the priorities of the European Union – and of the youth – on the climate crisis have seemingly changed, it is crucial that all sectors of society must participate in the goal of climate neutrality.

As Ioli Christopoulou stressed in an episode of the podcast series “EURANET – Europe on SKAI” published on 8 May 2024, no one will escape the consequences of the climate crisis, but everyone must participate in a possible solution.

She pointed out that the political management of the issue must not be short-term and there is no room for regression, despite the trials and tribulations of the European Green Deal.

It is therefore a priority to deliver on the commitments of the Fit for 55 package and then go forward with interventions in additional sectors, such as industry and agriculture.

Responding to the objections stressed by farmers, Christopoulou pointed out that nature and climate are their allies – and those of all citizens. Therefore, they will also benefit if they become part of the solution.

In general, it was stressed that the social justice of the Green Deal must be ensured, i.e. that no one is left behind in terms of resources or the ability to participate in decision-making, while any changes must be made in a participatory and socially just way.

“All sectors must achieve climate neutrality. We all need to board the green transition train, all citizens from different sectors need to be involved and get help, without feeling that we are divided into camps,” said Ioli Christopoulou.

Lastly, young people, who are concerned about the climate and want to be involved in the decisions taken for their future, could not be left out of this entire effort.

The podcast also featured Eleni Krassa, a graduate of the Biotechnology Department of the Agricultural University of Athens, and Georgia Pantzali, a student at the Chemical Engineering Department of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.

The episode entitled “GenZ – Is climate change more or less of a priority?” of the series “EURANET – Europe on SKAI” is available in Greek on Spotify.