Opportunities and challenges for CCS projects in Greece

Recently, the issue of the adequacy of space in Prinos, Kavala, to meet the domestic needs of carbon storage captured from industrial processes (CCS) has been intensively discussed.

Commenting on this, Nikos Mantzaris said in a statement to Business Daily that “a necessary condition for the successful implementation of CCS in Greece is to carry out an assessment in order to identify the actual storage needs in the long term”.

“CCS projects are necessary, but we need to ensure that they are only used for industrial processes that have no other option to reduce their carbon footprint, such as cement, and in a second phase in sectors such as shipping, but not in the power generation sector,” he stresses.

Cement companies Titan and Heracles, as well as Motor Oil have secured funding from the Innovation Fund for such projects as part of their decarbonization projects.

“It is an opportunity to get it right, but there is a risk of getting it wrong,” Nikos Mantzaris concluded.

You can read the related Business Daily report in Greek here.