Climate neutrality: use of available funds is key

An opinion piece by Ioli Christopoulou on the elements that must characterize the planning at the national and regional levels in order to utilize in the best way the available financing opportunities that Greece has during the upcoming period, for the green transformation of all economic sectors and every corner of the country, strengthening the path to climate neutrality.

The opinion piece titled “Climate neutrality: use of available funds is key” was published (in Greek) on on 9.7.2021.

Κλιματική ουδετερότητα: Κλειδί η αξιοποίηση όλων των διαθέσιμων πόρων


The article is part of the “EU Financing for a Sustainable Future” project which is implemented by the Green Tank with co-financing from the Cyclades Preservation Fund, the Ionian Environmental Foundation and the Captain Vassilis and Carmen Constantakopoulos Foundation.