Participation of LIFE MareNatura in the consultation on the South Aegean Special Environmental Study

The LIFE MareNatura project partners and the project’s expert policy partner, The Green Tank, submitted their views to the consultation on the Special Environmental Study “EPM 8b: Natura 2000 Areas of the Regional Units of South Aegean – Dodecanese (parts) and Cyclades (2nd Group of Areas)”.

Considering the consultation on the South Aegean Special Environmental Study a positive development, the opinions, comments and recommendations submitted (per chapter) mainly concern the need to expand the study area of the present or a complementary Special Study. There were also comments about the proposed extent of the protected areas as well as the need for additional buffer zones and ecological corridors to cover more ecologically important marine areas.

In addition, the contribution of the LIFE MareNatura project to the objectives of the Special Environmental Study is emphasized. The LIFE MareNatura project will enrich the available knowledge on protected species in the areas examined by the Special Environmental Study. The updated data will contribute to the achievement of the additional commitments undertaken by the country, in line with the latest European and international nature policy developments. The commitments concern the designation of at least 30-32% of the country’s national waters as protected and the declaration of the Aegean National Park, as announced during the 9th Our Ocean Conference.

You can read the comments submitted to the consultation in Greek here.