The Green Tank on the draft ministerial decision on net billing

The Green Tank submitted its comments on the public consultation for the ministerial decision on the implementation of net billing.

In general, the ministerial decision is considered positive in terms of supporting self-production in Greece, although the 15 months delay for its issuance has jeopardized the great progress made in the last three years.

The Green Tank’s comments can be summarized as follows:

  1. Clarification of the possibility for municipal district heating companies in Western Macedonia to apply virtual net metering.
  2. Difficulty in implementing the ministerial decisions in the case of Energy Communities with members of different categories (small businesses, vulnerable households, etc.).
  3. Positive provision for the DAPEEP to have the role of an Aggregator (FoSE) for household self-producers at no cost to households. It is proposed that the same should apply to Energy Communities by citizens and SMEs.
  4. Proposal to provide additional possibilities for sharing of self-produced energy to Energy Communities that have virtual net billing and do not want to be compensated for their surplus energy by the market.
  5. Ensure priority of applications in case of conversion from virtual net metering to virtual net billing.
  6. Simplification of procedures to accelerate the installation of self-production systems.

You can see in detail the comments we filed (in Greek) here.