Just Transition

Greece looks past coal

Nikos Mantzaris was quoted in an article by Energy Monitor investigating the challenges associated with Greece’s transition away from lignite both at the national as well as the regional level.

How would a Greek Green Development plan would look like

Article by energy portal energypress about the event organized by dianeosis on November 30, 2020, where Nikos Mantzaris presented the analysis by the Green Tank team on the results of the public poll conducted in collaboration with Professor Emmanuela Doussis, dianeosis and the MARC polling company.

Energy policy and just transition

Ioanna Theodosiou participated in the Greenwave Festival session titled “Economy, Environment and Piece: the multifaceted crisis, today’s dead-ends and the Green New Deal”. The debate was organized on November 27 by the Ecological Movement of Thessaloniki with the support of the Heinrich Boell Institute.

Analysis: What do the citizens of the lignite areas think about the de-lignitization and the transition to the post-lignite era?

The Green Tank’s analysis of the public poll conducted by MARC in the period 21-29 October 2020 with the questionnaire that was co-developed by The Green Tank, diANEOsis and MARC, showcased a series of interesting findings on how the citizens of the lignite regions themselves view the lignite phase out and the transition to the post-lignite era. Read the full analysis (in Greek) here.

Just Transition in Greece and in Europe

Green Tank’s Nikos Mantzaris participated in the pan-European conference of Client Earth, an organization of environmental lawyers, on November 9th. In particular, in the session on Just Transition he presented a brief history of the transition in Greece with emphasis on the role of mayors and NGOs in the progress that has been made during the last 5 years. He also analyzed the basic lessons (positive and negative) learnt from the course of the transition in Greece so far;