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Hydrocarbon extraction vs Offshore wind: Can Greece become a green energy hub in the Mediterranean?  

Research carried out by a team of the UNESCO Chair for Climate Diplomacy, of the University of Athens, led by Professor Emmanuella Doussis, in collaboration with The Green Tank, shows that Greece’s investment in offshore wind will help strengthen both the country’s energy autonomy and its geostrategic position.

Nature restoration: A new area of action for sustainable development

Op-ed by Ioli Christopoulou at EFSYN’s special edition on Sustainable Development.

Trends in electricity production – October 2022

For the first time in the first 10 months of the year the electricity produced cumulatively from renewables including large hydro exceeded that from fossil fuels (fossil gas and lignite) (20186 GWh vs 19859 GWh).

SAvE Whales at the 8th ACCOBAMS Meeting – The smart technology to protect sperm whales

Joint Press Release

Trends in Greece’s fossil gas consumption & imports – October 2022

Greece at -19% in gas consumption during the August-October quarter compared to the five-year average, exceeding by 4 percentage points the -15% target set by the EU for the period August 2022-March 2023.

Recent developments on climate change: Citizens’ participation in environmental policy-making – Training Seminar by iSea and The Green Tank in Volos

As part of the project “Learn-Participate-Protect the Environment”.

The path towards 100% renewables does not need a “transitional” fuel

Nikos Mantzaris on CGTN global news network.

Time to agree on an EU Emissions Trading System and a Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism that work for the climate and support industrial transformation

Joint letter by Civil Society Organizations.

It is our turn to protect nature

Interview with Ioli Christopoulou at SKAI Crete 92.1 radio.

How can EU Member States implement a successful nature restoration policy?

Ahead of the European institutions’ negotiations on the proposed EU law on nature restoration, a policy paper by Think Sustainable Europe highlights the importance of adopting an ambitious and robust law and makes recommendations.