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About the climate crisis

Talk by Ioli Christopoulou titled “Climate change is here and it determines our lives” during the 13th conference of Nea Dimokratia (New Democracy)

Waiting for Just Transition to the post-lignite era

Participation in the research conducted by the team of journalists “The Manifold”, around the challenges of Just Transition to the post-lignite era in Greece.

Protecting the Mediterranean

The Green Tank participated in the event titled “The Mediterranean Tomorrow? Mare Mortum” which was organized by the YWCA – Glyfada (Greece), in collaboration with the Hellenic Center for Marine Research (HCMR) at the Glyfada town hall.

Western Macedonia after the decision to phase out lignite by 2028

Journalists Socrates Moutidis and Panagiotis Tsartsianidis attempt to give an X-ray of the situation in Western Macedonia immediately after the Greek prime minister’s historic announcement in New York “to close all lignite units the latest by 2028”, in their TV show in  

The role of NGOs in environmental governance

Guest lecture by Ioli Christopoulou on the role of environmental NGOs in environmental governance on October 21, 2019.

Interview for the transition to the post-lignite era

Interview by Nikos Mantzaris to Dimitra Krayianni and the newspaper “Tharros” regarding the challenges of the transition of the region of Western Macedonia to the post-lignite era.

Management bodies of protected areas: Present and future

Presentation by Ioli Christopoulou during the day-long consultation process titled “Management bodies of protected areas: Present and Future” organized by the Greek Ministry of Environment and Energy.

Can Greece replace lignite with renewables by 2028?

Analysis and thoughts provided by Nikos Mantzaris  of the Green Tank on the historic 2028 lignite phase out decision announced by the Greek Prime Minister in the climate summit in New York and what it means for the deployment of renewables.

Do we properly sit wind turbines in Greece?

Comments by Nikos Mantzaris in Theodore Chondrogiannos’ detailed story on the multifaceted issue of proper RES sitting and especially wind farms at a time when high RES penetration is absolutely essential for the viability of the country’s electricity model.

The end of lignite

The Green Tank congratulates the Greek Prime Minister on his historic decision to close all lignite plants by 2028. Attention now must turn to the just transition of lignite regions.