Press releases / Announcements

The end of lignite

The Green Tank congratulates the Greek Prime Minister on his historic decision to close all lignite plants by 2028. Attention now must turn to the just transition of lignite regions.

The 2nd Forum of Mayors on Just Transition in Germany

Nikos Mantzaris participated in the 2nd Forum of Just Transition Mayors organized by the Mayor of Weisswasser, Germany on September 12, 2019. The forum was attended by 15 mayors from 7 European countries (Germany, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Czech Republic, Poland and Bosnia and Herzegovina), Greek MEP Petros Kokkalis, many representatives of the civil society, trade unions as well as journalists.

The end of an era for Greek lignite

Losses in the range of €700 million from the operation of lignite units in the past 3,5 years are revealed by a Green Tank report titled “The economics of Greek lignite plants: The end of an era.” The report concludes by proposing the retirement of specific lignite units in the immediate future so that the losses that the PPC faces are minimized in the coming years.

Time to change course for Ptolemaida 5

The letter of the CEO of PPC to the European Commissioner of Competition is nothing less than an acknowledgement of the financial dead end the Ptolemaida 5 lignite project is facing, rendering imperative the need to find alternative solutions for the country’s largest energy investment, the Green Tank says.