Just Transition

Europe is moving fast and irreversibly towards a carbon neutral economy. The evolution of the energy mix in Greece and Europe shows that the era of lignite and coal is over. The main challenge, now, is for this irreversible energy transition towards climate neutrality to take place in a just way for those communities, which for decades have been sacrificing their well-being and overall quality of life in order to propel the European economy.

The local economies of the 31 coal mining regions in EU-27, which include also the Greek lignite regions of Western Macedonia and Megalopolis, were deeply dependent on lignite mining and burning for several decades, with severe consequences on the environment and human health. The shift of the production model in those regions towards sustainable economic activities constitutes a priority for the European Green Deal, the EU’s new development strategy towards 2050.

The Green Tank aims at supporting the Just Transition process in Europe and in Greece through its research, analysis, advocacy and actions in collaboration with local communities and all relevant stakeholders.