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Trends in the Emissions Trading System in Greece and the European Union – 2021

Whilst in the midst of an intense energy and economic crisis due to the explosion of fossil fuel prices and the threat of a fossil gas supply disruption from Russia, many European countries, including Greece, have increased coal mining and are considering lifetime extensions of coal power plants. At the same time, the European Union (EU) needs to accelerate the achievement of its climate goals, thus shielding Member States from the damaging effects of the much more intense climate crisis,

Financing opportunities for a sustainable future

The Green Tank’s new report identifies the European funding sources that Greece and its regions will have available for the green transformation of key sectors of the economy and the transition to a sustainable future during the 2021-2027 period.

Environmental permit terms for wind farms

Based on an analysis of 101 environmental permits for wind farms in Greece, the Green Tank and Nature Conservation Consultants (NCC) document differentiated approaches in the permitting process and recommend the adoption of a harmonized approach across the country. The promotion of renewable energy sources (RES) is the central tool for achieving the country’s climate and energy targets. However, especially with regard to wind energy, which is considered the most mature of RES technologies, there are recognized potential impacts, especially on