How to encourage citizens’ trust in the Green Transition?

Although the climate crisis is recognised as one of the most important social problems, the success of the Green Transition is often treated with distrust. At the same time, citizens are unable to bear the costs it will entail.

These points were highlighted by Ioli Christopoulou who commented on a survey conducted by Prorata during the panel discussion titled “Climate crisis and environmental policies: attitudes and perceptions of Greeks”, organised as part of the Delphi Economic Forum IX.

In her remarks, Ioli Christopoulou stressed that in order for citizens to have more trust in the Green Transition, it is necessary to ensure proper information, support and resources to make changes in the most efficient, sustainable and equitable way.

The panel discussion was held on April 11, 2024 and was broadcasted live at the Delphi Economic Forum IX channel.

You can also watch it in Greek on YouTube.

Other speakers included:

  • Stella Tsani, Associate Professor, Dep. of Economics, National and Kapodistrian UoA, Member, Global Young Academy
  • Iosif  Botetzagias, Professor of Environmental Politics & Policy, Dep. of Environment, University of the Aegean
  • Ioannis Psycharis, Director,Δ Regional Development Institute, Panteion University of Social & Political Sciences, Greece

The discussion was moderated by Anastasios Vasileiou, Commercial Director, Prorata.