Articles / Opinions

Τhe dynamic entry of renewables and the role of energy storage

Article by Machie Tratsa on renewables and energy storage referring to the main points of the Green Tank’s latest report titled “Energy Storage Technologies: Challenges and Outlook” as they relate to batteries and the conversion of lignite plants to clean energy storage facilities in the form of heat.

Biodiversity conservation among the challenges of the new year

Comment by Ioli Christopoulou and reference to the Green Tank report “Priority to nature: An assessment of the implementation of Greece’s National Biodiversity Strategy” in an article on the environmental challenges of the new year, published in the Sunday edition of TO VIMA.

The future of Ptolemaida 5 and CCSU

Article by Nikos Mantzaris in «Chronos», describing the reasons why the choice to continue the lignite operation of Ptolemaida 5 in conjunction with Carbon Capture and Storage or Utilization technologies (CCSU) is wrong.

Greece looks past coal

Nikos Mantzaris was quoted in an article by Energy Monitor investigating the challenges associated with Greece’s transition away from lignite both at the national as well as the regional level.

How would a Greek Green Development plan would look like

Article by energy portal energypress about the event organized by dianeosis on November 30, 2020, where Nikos Mantzaris presented the analysis by the Green Tank team on the results of the public poll conducted in collaboration with Professor Emmanuela Doussis, dianeosis and the MARC polling company.