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Financing so that the green commitment becomes practice

On the occasion of the World Environment Day and the conclusion of Green Tank’s new report entitled “Financing opportunities for a sustainable future during the 2021-2027”, Ioli Christopoulou in an opinion piece stresses the need to make use of the unprecedented level of funding of the 2021-2027 period for the transition of Greece and its regions to a new sustainable development model.

The rescue of the Greek Galapagos

Ioli Christopoulou comments on the significance of the decision taken by the Ministry of Environment and Energy rejecting the installation of wind turbines on 14 islets in the Aegean Sea in Natura 2000 areas.

“Life vest” of 1.4 trillion dollars by 2030 for protected areas

Ioli Christopoulou comments on the significance of the report by Cambridge University professor Sir Partha Dasgupta on the economics of biodiversity, and the need to redefine humanity’s relationship with nature, not on the basis of what humanity can draw from it, but on the basis of what nature can provide.

Greece rushes to exit coal amid carbon price surge

Nikos Mantzaris discusses with journalist Cristina Brooks the developments leading to the recent decision by PPC and the Greek government to move forward the lignite phase out by 3 years, to 2025, and how Greece’s last lignite plant, Ptolemaida 5, can be converted into a sustainable renewables-based energy storage facility providing cheaper electricity than a fossil gas plant which is currently PPC’s default plan for the post-lignite future of Ptolemaida 5.

Renewables is the first source of energy in Greece

Nikos Mantzaris commented on the progress of renewables compared to other energy sources in Greece’s electricity mix as it becomes apparent from the analysis of IPTO data for the first quarter of 2021, as well as the consequences of this development, to Machie Tratsa, journalist of Finacial Post.

EU after Lignite and Coal

Analysis on the evolution of gross electricity production from different energy sources in EU-27 Members States since the beginning of the century as well as on the challenges for the future arising from the observed trends.

Greece brings coal exit forward three years to 2025

The Europe Beyond Coal Campaign welcomes Greece’s earlier exit from lignite which is marked by PPC’s decision to convert its last lignite plant “Ptolemaida” 5 in a different technology by 2025 but warns against the wrong choice in the replacement technology.

EU ETS and Just Transition

Article by Nikos Mantzaris on the opportunity arising from the escalation of carbon prices to fund the Just Transition of Greece’s lignite regions through the public revenue from auctioning of CO2 allowances.