Nature Conservation in Europe: the case of Greece

Ioli Christopoulou contributed to the volume titled “Nature Conservation in Europe: approaches and lessons” with a chapter on Greece, describing the main nature conservation challenges, its main policy responses and actions, and their achievements and lessons, primarily over the last 40 years.

The volume is edited by Graham Trucker and published by Cambridge University Press (May 2023).  The core of the book comprises chapters written by national experts, which cover the UK and twenty-five EU Member States, providing comparative case studies.

According to the book description, the chapter by Ioli Christopoulou “covers the country’s natural characteristics, habitats and species of particular importance; the status of nature and main pressures affecting it; nature conservation policies (including biodiversity strategies), legislation, governance and key actors; species measures (e.g. regulating hunting, and tackling the use of illegal poisoned baits); protected areas and networks; general conservation measures (e.g. in relation to development planning, forests, water management, and alien invasive species); nature conservation costs and funding sources; and biodiversity monitoring. Likely future developments are also identified. Conclusions are drawn on what measures have been most effective and why, and what is needed to improve the implementation of existing measures and achieve future nature conservation goals.”

For more information and to access the volume follow this link.