The green path to just transition in Western Macedonia

The environmental think tank “The Green Tank” and the Greek office of the Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung invite you to an online event that will map the green path towards just transition in Western Macedonia, on Tuesday, 26th January 2021, at 18:00 (EET).

In less than three years from now the local communities in Western Macedonia need to transform their economical and production model in order to follow the energy transition to a post coal era. Despite the fact that the European and Greek ecological movements mentioned many years ago the need to turn to clean energy, Western Macedonia faces now an urgent and fast transition. At the same time the societal dimension of the transition along with the participation of local communities in the planning of the transition are almost absent from the political agenda and public dialogue. In order to achieve just transition and also the sustainability of the solutions proposed bottom- up procedures are needed and local communities must be part of the Just Transition Plan.

Presentations by:

Just Transition to the post-coal era: from grey to green
Nikos Mantzaris- Co-founder and Policy Analyst at the Green Tank

The chronic pandemic of “lignite-virus” and the ecological response

Historical mistakes and responsibilities, but also the hope for the last chance

Lazaros Tsikritzis, Professor at the Western Macedonia University, President of the Ecological Movement of Kozani

Just Transition, the role of local government and local actors

Lefteris Ioannidis, former Mayor of the city of Kozani (2014-2019), Member of the Ecological Movement of Kozani, Member of the City Council of Kozani

“Post-lignite era: A social reflection”

Dimitra Karagianni, Philologist, Writer, Publisher and Project Manager of the Paremvasi Magazine

Coordination: Vassiliki Grammatikogianni, Journalist at Ecovoice- Athens Voice

The event’s video will be available with subtitles in Greek and English after the end of the event at the Heinrich-Böll Foundation’s channel on Youtube.


You can participate through ΖΟΟΜ [code: 635419]  and at You Tube.

Please register before the event here.

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