Press releases / Announcements

Measures to shield households against the energy and climate crisis

Analysis by The Green Tank and Facets examines 8 scenarios for the residential housing sector and 2 scenarios for the road transport sector and identifies the most efficient combinations of measures that will reduce both the carbon footprint and energy bills of households by 2030. The implementation of these measures can lead up to €1.6 billion annual economic benefits in 2030 for the Greek households, while also reducing emissions from both sectors by up to 7.1 million tonnes of CO2

The human face of EU ETS

Mini documentary for the just transition and youth engagement in Greece’s lignite regions through the EU ETS produced in the framework of the Life ETX project and the Human Stories campaign in a collaboration between The Green Tank and Carbon Market Watch.

Just Transition Newsletter #6

The sixth newsletter of the Green Tank for the developments of the last six months (July – December 2023) related to the Just Transition of lignite regions in Greece and in Europe has been published.