Climate Change & Energy

Nature conservation and climate change

On Thursday July 11, 2019, Ioli Christopoulou participated in a panel discussion organized by the Institute Π2 – Progress in Action titled “Lightning strikes in the summer: Will we stand as spectators?”

The lignite refugees

Article by Ioli Christopoulou on two lignite towns, Akrini and Anargiroi, in Western Macedonia, awaiting for years to be relocated, due to the degradation caused to their land and quality of life by the lignite industry.

Change of course for Ptolemaida 5

Opinion piece by Nikos Mantzaris on the necessity to change course regarding the new, under construction, lignite plant “Ptolemaida 5” in light of the lack of approval by the European Commission of the Greek capacity mechanism until 4 July 2019, when the new Electricity Market Regulation entered into force.

EU must block Greece’s desperate attempt to subsidise coal power

Joint article by Nikos Mantzaris from the Green Tank and Joanna Flisowska from CAN Europe on the attempts by the Greek government and PPC to bypass the new EU rules and obtain an exemption which would allow channeling of subsidies, paid by the Greek citizens, towards the new, under construction lignite plant “Ptolemaida 5” as well as existing lignite plants.

The hunt for the lignite exemptions

Statement on the attempts by the Greek government and PPC to become eligible for a derogation which would subsidize PPC’s new lignite plant “Ptolemaida 5” in the newspaper “To Vima”

Time to change course for Ptolemaida 5

The letter of the CEO of PPC to the European Commissioner of Competition is nothing less than an acknowledgement of the financial dead end the Ptolemaida 5 lignite project is facing, rendering imperative the need to find alternative solutions for the country’s largest energy investment, the Green Tank says.

Pre-election debate: Searching for answers for Greece’s tomorrow

Nikos Mantzaris from the Green Tank participated in the TV show “Pre-election debate: Searching for answers for Greece’s tomorrow” coordinated by Matroni Dikeakou on a series of issues ahead of the upcoming national elections, such as the environment and the climate crisis, the demographic issue Greece is facing, the brain drain, the course of the economy and unemployment.