Reports / Briefs

Financing opportunities for a sustainable future

The Green Tank’s new report identifies the European funding sources that Greece and its regions will have available for the green transformation of key sectors of the economy and the transition to a sustainable future during the 2021-2027 period.

Environmental permit terms for wind farms

Based on an analysis of 101 environmental permits for wind farms in Greece, the Green Tank and Nature Conservation Consultants (NCC) document differentiated approaches in the permitting process and recommend the adoption of a harmonized approach across the country. The promotion of renewable energy sources (RES) is the central tool for achieving the country’s climate and energy targets. However, especially with regard to wind energy, which is considered the most mature of RES technologies, there are recognized potential impacts, especially on

EU after Lignite and Coal

Analysis on the evolution of gross electricity production from different energy sources in EU-27 Members States since the beginning of the century as well as on the challenges for the future arising from the observed trends.

Replacement options for Ptolemaida 5

Alternative replacement options of converting the “Ptolemaida 5” lignite plant are compared in a techno-economic analysis prepared by enervis in collaboration with the Green Tank and Client Earth.

Policy Brief: The European Climate Law

An extended presentation of the provisions of the EU climate law, the developments so far and the opinions of all interested parties are presented in the Policy Brief presented by The Green Tank.

Energy Storage Technologies: Challenges and Outlook

The main characteristics, the comparative advantages and disadvantages of the main electricity storage technologies, as well as the opportunities for their financing through the new EU budget are presented in the new technology review by The Green Tank.

Does Greece give priority to nature?

To what extent has Greece responded to its biodiversity commitments? The new report titled «Priority to nature: As assessment of the implementation of Greece’s National Biodiversity Strategy” which was launched today by the environmental think tank, the Green Tank assess the implementation of Greece’s National Biodiversity Strategy and its first Action Plan.

Analysis: What do the citizens of the lignite areas think about the de-lignitization and the transition to the post-lignite era?

The Green Tank’s analysis of the public poll conducted by MARC in the period 21-29 October 2020 with the questionnaire that was co-developed by The Green Tank, diANEOsis and MARC, showcased a series of interesting findings on how the citizens of the lignite regions themselves view the lignite phase out and the transition to the post-lignite era. Read the full analysis (in Greek) here.