Aria Tzamalikou

Aria Tzamalikou

Climate and Energy Policy Associate

The effective protection of the environment, the provision of incentives for the establishment of a sustainable growth model and the socially just transition towards this model represent for Aria the greatest challenges as regards the formulation and implementation of environmental and energy policy.

As a graduate of the Law School of the Democritus University of Thrace, during her master’s studies at the Law School of the University of Athens, she specialized in Public Law and, in particular, in the study of the role of the State as a regulator, a counterparty and an economic actor.

During the master’s programme “European Public Law and Governance”, University of Maastricht, she broadened her field of expertise by delving into the institutional functions of the European Union and the interplay between the European and the national legal orders. In this context, she studied the application of these arrangements to the design of EU regulatory instruments to achieve the EU environmental and climate objectives. At the same time, her PhD research is oriented towards examining the regulatory framework governing the award of public contracts in terms of economic efficiency.

Throughout her career as a lawyer, Aria has worked in the field of public procurement and was actively involved in legal cases pertaining to environmental permits, infringements regarding the protection of archaeological sites and protected areas, as well as to urban and spatial planning legislation.

Aria has remained consistently committed to the balancing considerations associated with decision-making in public policy, and contributes, as a member of our team, to the formulation and promotion of policy solutions for a sustainable future.