Elena Psyllakou

Elena Psyllakou

Communications Officer

Communication among individuals, groups and institutions as a condition for the democratic constitution of the public sphere is the drive of Elena’s career path.

Elena is a Media and Communications specialist. She completed her doctoral dissertation at the Department of Political Science and Public Administration, University of Athens, on the study of social change through discourse analysis. She graduated from the Department of Communication and Media Studies, University of Athens, and she holds an MA in Political Science and Sociology (PSPA, University of Athens).

Before joining the Green Tank, Elena has worked as a postdoctoral researcher in the design and implementation of the research project “Media in the limelight. A dialogic approach”, conducted in collaboration with the National Center of Social Research-EKKE, Greece. The aim of the project was to map perceptions of the Greek media landscape, promoting the dialogue between news media, journalists and everyday media users.

Previously, she worked as a Scientific Advisor of Member of the Hellenic Parliament where she reviewed the work of parliamentary committees and legislative processes, while she was in charge of the coordination and dissemination of the MP’s work in the media, stakeholders and interested communities.