Attitudes on the Green Transition: How to turn disbelief into optimism

In order for citizens to believe in the realization of the green transition, reliable information, as well as financial support and incentives must be provided in an efficient, sustainable and just way to implement the necessary changes.

This is Ioli Christopoulou’s main conclusion in an article in Huffington Post Greece, commenting on a Prorata survey on citizens’ perceptions of the climate and energy crisis, presented during the 9th Delphi Economic Forum.

Three points of this survey are highlighted in the article:

  1. Citizens’ disbelief of the green transition and the achievement Europe’s climate goals
  2. Their reluctance to invest in environmentally friendly energy sources in their homes because of the high cost
  3. Their simultaneous interest to participate in a cooperative scheme for clean energy production.

Prorata’s research was also extensively discussed in a panel on “Climate crisis and environmental policies: attitudes and perceptions of Greeks” during the 9th Delphi Economic Forum, with the participation of Green Tank.

The article was published on 23 April 2024 and is available here in Greek.