Western Macedonia after the decision to phase out lignite by 2028

Will Western Macedonia look to the future or try to remain attached to an obsolete past?

Journalists Socrates Moutidis and Panagiotis Tsartsianidis attempt to give an X-ray of the situation in Western Macedonia immediately after the Greek prime minister’s historic announcement in New York “to close all lignite units the latest by 2028”, in their TV show in www.kozani.tv.

The deputy Minister of Environment and Energy, local MPs, MEPs, mayors, members of the regional council of Western Macedonia, representatives of trade unions, scientists, researchers, experts and representatives of NGOs participate in the show.

Nikos Mantzaris from the Green Tank talks in the end about the progress made so far regarding Just Transition of lignite mining regions is Greece and the EU and underlines the challenges ahead.

You can watch the entire show here: