Comment on air pollution in the Western Balkans

Comment by Nikos Mantzaris on the air pollution caused by the operation of 18 coal power plants in the Western Balkans, in an article by Machie Tratsa published in the Financial Post (Oikonomikos Taxydromos). The article presents a new report by Bankwatch and the Center for Research on Energy and Clean Air, which demonstrates that the level of emissions of polluting substances of these power plants is several times higher than the emissions of all 221 coal power plants operating in the EU combined and their impacts, which transcend into the neighboring countries, including EU Member States, such as Greece.

Specifically, Nikos Mantzaris highlighted the role of the European Union, so that support for a Just Transition toward a post-lignite period is extended to the Western Balkans, while also noting the need to ensure public health and implementation of environmental law.

The article (in Greek) titled “Greece – 847 million euros the cost of foreign coal” was published in the Financial Post on 13.09.2021. You can read the full article:

Ελλάδα – 847 εκατ. ευρώ το κόστος από το ξένο «κάρβουνο»