Energy communities are the key to Just Transition and dealing with the energy crisis

Comment by Ioanna Theodosiou on the recent developments concerning the development of energy communities in an article by Machi Tratsa. The article analyzes the status of the institution of energy communities in Greece today, giving emphasis on the two lignite regions of the country (Western Macedonia and Arcadia), and the need to strengthen and make use of them for the Just Transition of these areas.

Specifically, Ioanna Theodosiou pointed out that the recent amendments to the current institutional framework (Law 4821/2021), which facilitated the establishment of energy communities by companies, do not bring out the core of the institution of energy communities, which is to ensure energy democracy through the active participation of citizens in the transition of societies to clean energy. In order to strengthen this process, the non-profit energy communities in particular need to be backed up institutionally, but also financially, by making appropriate use of the available national and European resources.

The article titled “Citizens turn to electricity production” was published in Vima tis Kyriakis on 07.11.2021. The You can read the full article (in Greek):

Στην παραγωγή ρεύματος στρέφονται οι πολίτες