The bet of the transition to the postlignite era

Nikos Mantzaris’s article “The bet of the transition to the postlignite era” is included in the book “At the end is my beginning… A narrative of the transition to the postlignite era”, which was published a few days ago. This is a special edition of the magazine “Intervention” which refers to one of the most sensitive issues that concern Western Macedonia; outlines the events that led to the current situation; describes yesterday and seeks solutions for the future.

The book hosts articles by George Deliopoulos, Georgia Demberdemidou, Giannis Ziogas, Dionysopoulou Glyka, Theodoros Theodoulidis, Dimitris Kamariadis, V.P. Karagiannis, Dimitra Karagianni, Makis Karagiannis, Giota Karvouniari, Vangelis Karlopoulos, Nikos Mantzaris, Filio, Btouri, Antony Papavasileiou, Christos Papageorgiou, Dimitris Pakakonstantinou, Michael Pitenis, Sotiris Raptopoulos, Tasos Sidiropoulos, Kyriaki Stoumbou and Lefteris Topaloglou. The photographic material is by Alexis Kasnakis while Dimitra Karagiannis was the book’s editor.

The publication of the book was preceded by an online event on December 19, 2020 with the same title and the participation of the authors.