On the creation of a Just Transition fund for the Western Balkans – 2nd Meeting on Green Finance in the Energy Community

Tassos Chatzieleftheriou, Energy Policy Analyst at The Green Tank, participated in the “2nd Meeting on Green Finance in the Energy Community”, the international organization created by the European Union and 9 more neighboring countries with main goal to create an integrated pan-European energy market.

The session was titled “The link between private and public investments in the energy transition” and was coordinated by Tibor Schaffhauser from the Energy Community Secretariat. The focus was on different international tools that can support policymakers in the energy transition challenge. Among the participants were Alessandra Sgobbi and Elva Bova from the European Commission, Camille Andre from Green Finance Platform and Ioana Ciuta from CEE Bankwatch Network.

Tassos Chatzieleftheriou and Ioana Ciuta presented a proposal on the creation of a Just Transition Fund for the Western Balkans to support the regions that are going to be affected the most from the transition to cleaner energy sources.  More specifically, Ioana Ciuta analyzed the reasons why this fund is essential for the Western Balkans and identified potential sources for raising the necessary resources for its creation.

On his part, Tassos Chatzieleftheriou focused on the allocation methodology of the fund’s resources among the countries. In particular, he analyzed the allocation method used by the European Commission for the EU Just Transition Fund, highlighting its shortcomings, and presented a proposal on how the resources of the proposed fund for the Western Balkans could be allocated in a fair way.

The event was held on March 29, 2022. More information can be found here

The full report titled “A Just Transition Fund for the Western Balkans” can be found here