Why does the Just Transition governance mechanism matter?

Opinion article by Ioanna Theodosiou and Othon Kaminiaris on the importance of the Just Transition governance mechanism in the coal regions.

Which are the types of Just Transition governance models recognized in international practice? Which are the recommendations from the World Bank and the European Commission? Which are the values of Just Transition good governance?

The new report of the Green Tank presents an overview of the relevant European Union legal framework on Just Transition governance, analyzes good examples of governance from three European lignite regions, and presents a critical assessment and recommendations for the improvement of the governance mechanism of the Just Transition in Greece.

The article titled “Why does the Just Transition governance mechanism for our lignite regions matter? To achieve a just post lignite future” was published (in Greek) in huffingtonpost.gr on 22.07.2021:

Γιατί μας φορά η διακυβέρνηση της μετάβασης των λιγνιτικών μας περιοχών; Για να πετύχουμε ένα δίκαιο μεταλιγνιτικό μέλλον

Notes: You can read about the report “Governance of Just Transition in Greece and in Europe” (in English) here.