Just Transition Newsletter #3

The third newsletter of the Green Tank for the developments of the last six months (January-June 2022) related to the Just Transition of lignite regions in Greece and in Europe has been published.

The newsletter includes the institutional developments of the period, news from Greece and Europe, a special section dedicated to energy communities, articles and comments on relevant consultations as well as a section on the main developments that are expected in the next six months.

The Just Transition of lignite regions constitutes one of the key battles for Europe in the current decade and a key pillar of the European Green Deal. Phasing out lignite and shifting the production model in a green direction is the biggest sustainable development challenge Greece is currently facing. As the developments around the issues of transition in Greece and in Europe are continuous, with this newsletter we seek to inform about the most important of them, thus supporting the national effort for a socially just transformation of the local production model in Greece’s lignite regions.

You can read the full newsletter (in Greek) here.