Energy communities are a tool against energy poverty – The role of municipal authorities is crucial

With the question “whether Athens can achieve energy autonomy”, Elvira Krithari, journalist for the Greek newspaper Kathimerini, talked with experts in order to examine whether energy communities can be used as a tool to tackle energy poverty. Among them was also Ioanna Theodosiou. This question was triggered by the announcement of the new municipal authority led by Charis Doukas who, according to the publication, set as a priority the creation of a centre for fighting energy poverty and the provision of cheap energy through the establishment of energy communities.

Commenting on these developments, Ioanna Theodosiou said that “it is very important for a municipality as emblematic as Athens to be a pioneer in issues concerning the green transition and justice during the transition, as well as energy democracy”. She pointed out, however, that energy poverty does not only concern vulnerable categories of citizens, but every citizen as energy costs are rising:

“I think the crucial thing for Athens – which can be an example – is how the municipality offers this tool for citizens in general; how it can empower citizens to participate in the just transition collectively. And there is also a question: who will benefit from this transition from fossil fuels to renewables? Those who can afford the large installations or the citizens either through the municipalities or directly?”

The news report by Elvira Krithari was published in Kathimerini, on October 26, 2023 and it is available at