De-lignitization, European Green Deal & Greece

Interview of Nikos Mantzaris with Nina Maria Paschalidou on the show “ECOagents” of on February 13, 2021 regarding the de-lignitization and the transition of lignite regions to the post-lignite period.

  • Why are we talking about lignite and coal phase out worldwide today?
  • What led to the decision for a lignite phase out in Greece?
  • What is Just Transition?
  • How do the citizens of the lignite regions see their future?
  • Is there time to tackle climate change? What can we do?

These were some of the topics discussed by Nikos Mantzaris and Nina Maria Paschalidou on the show, the central topic of which was the European Green Deal. Also speaking at the podcast were Faye Makantasi, head of research at diANEOsis, Giannis Maniatis, former Minister of Environment and Associate Professor at the University of Piraeus, Petros Kokkalis, MEP with GUE, and Thymios Karaiskos, Mayor of Lamia.

You can listen to the entire podcast here (in Greek) as well as the excerpt from the discussion on delignitization and Just Transition.