Letter to the Commission about the Territorial Just transition Plans

The NGOs that are actively involved in the Territorial Just Transition Plans (TJTPs) drafting processes in several regions have noticed that a combination of factors, including tight deadlines, lack of public participation, vested interests, limited institutional capacities and prioritization given to Cohesion Policy planning and National Recovery and Resilience plans arrangements are having detrimental effects on the quality of the process and, consequently, on the quality of the plans themselves, including their capacity to bring concrete relief and opportunities to communities in transition.

For this reason, NGOs call on the Commission to strongly reaffirm the principles on which the TJTPs should be developed. In particular, they ask that:

1. Public participation and the Partnership Principle should be urgently enforced.

2. Projects not in line with the European Green Deal and the polluter pays principle should be rejected.

3. Ensure transparency around the work of consultants.

4. Commitment to the Climate Neutrality target of the EU and intermediate goals should be a binding requirement to access the JTM.

5. Synergies and alignments should be be ensured.

You can read the letter here.