The changes expected in the draft environment law

Comment by Ioli Christopoulou to the online version of TO VIMA and journalist Machie Tratsa on the expected changes to the draft environment law being drafted by the Ministry of Environment and Energy.

Specifically she mentioned that it is expected that relevant authorities for protected areas will continue providing opinions during the impact assessment process, but also noted the Ministry’s insistence to predetermine the uses to be allowed in each zone of protected areas, which is considered particularly problematic and potentially endangering to the conservation status of protected species and habitats, as well as the sustainable development potential of protected areas.

The article was published in Greek on the online version of TO VIMA on 13.04.2020 under the title “Extensive changes by the Ministry of Environment and Energy to the environmental draft law”:

Εκτεταμένες αλλαγές του ΥΠΕΝ στο περιβαλλοντικό νομοσχέδιο