Petition signed by thousands of people and a final appeal to the Prime Minister to protect nature

JOINT PRESS RELEASE of 30 environmental NGOs

Within just 5 days, 29,200 citizens united their voice against the unacceptable provision of the bill that is being considered at the Greek Parliament. Also, after an appeal by 23 organizations to the Nature 2000 Committee, the central scientific advisory body of the Greek state for biodiversity, an announcement was issued for the withdrawal of article 219 of the bill of the Ministry of Development and Investment.

Environmental organizations, which have already submitted interventions to the government and all Members of Parliament (MPs), are calling for the withdrawal, even at the last minute, of the provision paving the way for the fragmented protection of segments of Natura 2000 sites based on investment plans.

In an open letter, 29 organizations urge the Prime Minister to intervene to withdraw Article 219.

If the government insists on maintaining the provision in the bill, the organizations ask the MPs to vote against it.

Article 219 goes against Greece ‘s commitment to the objectives of the European Green Deal, which places biodiversity conservation at the heart of the European Union’ s growth strategy.

The organizations call on the government, with the weight now falling on the Prime Minister himself, to stop treating the country’s natural wealth as a real estate property to be developed and to meet our national obligations under EU law to protect valuable biodiversity.

The NGOs:

Alkyoni, ΑΝΙΜΑ, Arion, Arctouros, ARCHELON, Action for Wildlife, ELLINIKI ETAIRIA Society for the Environment and Cultural Heritage, Hellenic Society for the Protection of Nature, Hellenic Ornithological Society, Union for the Protection of the Environment of the Corinthian-Patra Gulf – O Nireas, Society for the Protection of Prespa, Callisto, Protect Aoos, Pelagos, Ecological Recycling Society, Organization Earth, Federation of Ecological Organization of the Corinthian Gulf – Alcyon, PANDOIKO, Environmental Initiative of Magnesia, Pindos Perivallontiki, “Tulipa goulimy” , FRIENDS of NATURE, ECOCITY, Greenpeace, iSea, MedINA, MEDASSET, MOm, The Green Tank and WWF Greece.

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