Comments on the interim text of the Consultation on the Strategic Plan for the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) 2023-2027

The Green Tank and the Mediterranean Institute for Nature and Anthropos, MedINA, submitted joint comments and recommendations on the interim text of the Consultation on the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) Strategic Plan 2023-2027, on November 1, 2021.

The main point of the comments and recommendations is the fact that the 2023 – 2027 period CAP gives Greece the opportunity to redirect its agricultural sector towards sustainable standards and practices and, at the same time, brings out agriculture as an important “player” for the success of the green transition.

In fact, proposals in this direction have been showcased by the actions of MedINA in different areas of the country, such as Kythera and especially Lemnos, where the Terra Lemnia project, implemented by MedINA and various actors, including the Green Tank, promotes good farming practices that should be widely supported in the new period.

It also emphasizes the interconnection of the CAP with other sectoral and regional plans, such as the NSRF Sectoral and Regional Programs and the Recovery and Resilience Plan. The wider financial opportunities for a green transformation of key sectors of the economy, such as tourism, during the 2021-2027 period have already been highlighted by the Green Tank in its recent report (in Greek) “Financing Opportunities for a Sustainable Future for the period 2021-2027”.

The comments, which are accompanied by specific recommendations, focus on six issues:

  • The European Green Deal
  • The Biodiversity Strategy
  • Sustainable agrifood systems
  • Climate ambition
  • Forests
  • Governance

You can read the detailed comments and recommendations of the Green Tank and MedINA (in Greek) here.

The text of the Consultation on which the comments were made is available (in Greek) here.