Recent developments on plastic pollution: Citizens’ participation in environmental policy-making – Training Seminar by iSea and The Green Tank in Mytilene

iSea and The Green Tank organize a training seminar on “Citizen participation in environmental policy making – Recent developments in addressing plastic pollution”. The aim of the seminar is to inform and empower citizens on current issues and policies related to marine pollution from plastic in order to enhance their participation in environmental governance.

The seminar will be held in Mytilene, on Friday, December 9, 2022, 11:00-15:00, in Amphitheater B of the Department of Oceanography and Marine Biosciences.

It will be delivered by Anastasia Charitou, co-ordinator of the “Human and Aquatic Ecosystem” department of iSea, and Ioli Christopoulou, Policy Director, The Green Tank.

The seminar is organised in collaboration with the Department of Oceanography and Marine Biosciences, University of the Aegean.

The seminar is organized as part of the project “Learn-Participate-Protect the Environment” which included training seminars in 8 Greek cities. The primary goal of the project is to promote, strengthen and safeguard the participation of citizens in processes related to the creation and implementation of environmental policies in Greece, with particular emphasis on three topics: the climate crisis, biodiversity loss and plastic pollution.

The project “Learn-Participate-Protect the environment” is operated by iSea and implemented in partnership with the Green Tank, under the Active Citizens Fund programme. It includes two cycles of informational and training activities consisting of webinars and live seminars during the academic years 2021-2022 and 2022-2023.

More information as well as the programme of the seminar is available (in Greek) here.

You can register for the seminar here.

You can learn more about the project here.

* The Active citizens fund in Greece is supported through a €13,5m grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway as part of the EEA Grants 2014 – 2021. The programme aims to develop the sustainability and capacity of the civil society sector in Greece, and to strengthen its role in promoting and safeguarding democratic procedures, active citizenship and human rights. The Fund Operator for the Active citizens fund in Greece is Bodossaki Foundation in consortium with SolidarityNow.