Nature Restoration is a milestone of European policy – We await the final vote of MEPs

The mobilization of scientists in favour of the Nature Restoration Law and the final vote of the MEPs at the plenary of the European Parliament (11-12/07/2023) were at the centre of the discussion between Ioli Christopoulou and Periclis Vassilopoulos on his show “Asko ta dikaiomata mou” on ERT radio.

Presenting the background of the Regulation, Ioli Christopoulou stressed that it is the first legislative initiative for nature restoration in the last 30 years, responding to the urgent challenges of biodiversity loss. With the strategic objective of “bringing nature back to life”, the Regulation sets as central target the restoration of at least 20% of the EU’s land and marine areas by 2030 and extending it to all ecosystems in need of restoration by 2050.

Responding to questions on where Member States and MEPs stand on the European Commission’s proposal, Ioli Christopoulou explained that while the Member States gave the green light at the Council of Ministers (20/06/2023), the Environment Committee of the European Parliament appeared divided under the influence of the objections of the European People’s Party. As Ioli Christopoulou commented even though it is a political area that is in favour of the green transition and has supported the European Green Deal, it has succeeded the rejection of the Regulation with unsubstantiated arguments that the nature restoration will threaten food security and will bring significant costs to farmers.

The final decision will be taken in the plenary session of the European Parliament, in view of which there has been significant mobilisation by environmental organisations and scientists, culminating in a letter signed by more than 6000 scientists, explaining with scientific evidence that restoring nature in practice will in fact  enhance food security and sustainable agriculture production.

Finally, Ioli Christopoulou reiterated that Greece is the first EU country that has adopted legally binding measures for nature already from March 2023, supported the Regulation in the Council of Ministers and this gives particular importance to the attitude that the Greek MEPs will hold.

The interview was held on July 08, 2023 and is now available at και our channel on YouTube (in Greek).