Empowering civil society organizations

The Green Tank delivered two lectures in the six-month Social Dynamo project for the empowerment of environmental organization of the Bodossaki Foundation. The project’s objective was to help environmental organizations take their next steps and maximize their social impact, offering them chances of networking, participating in online educational activities on their organizational evolution, the management of environmental challenges, and sustainability, as well as receiving consulting services. It was implemented with the support of the Cyclades Preservation Fund and the Ionian Environment Foundation and 44 environmental organizations of various interests and sectors from all around Greece.

On April 27, 2021, Ioli Christopoulou delivered the lecture “Nature protection: The political dimension”, during which she analyzed the timeline and most recent developments in the policy for the preservation of biodiversity at an international, European and national level. She also presented an assessment of the progress of the implementation of the Greek National Strategy for Biodiversity.

On May 28, 2021, Nikos Mantzaris talked about the “Climate policy at an international, European, and national level”. Starting from the fundamental scientific findings on climate change, he continued with the key developments in global, European and Greek climate policy, and concluded with the role that civil society can and should play in shaping climate policy and advocacy initiatives.

* Social Dynamo is an initiative of the Bodossaki Foundation that offers comprehensive support to civil society organizations in Greece, focusing on learning, professional support and networking. Its goal is the sustainability of Civil Society actors, enhancing the effectiveness and social impact of their work, through the promotion and development of their skills, the transfer of know-how and the provision of opportunities for cooperation and networking. Strategic partners of Social Dynamo are the Municipalities of Athens and Thessaloniki, while it is also supported by a wide network of mentors, trainers, agencies and companies.