The Natura 2000 network & article 219

Interview by Ioli Christopoulou to journalist Nina Maria Paschalidou and the show ECO-agents of on March 13 2021 regarding the Natura 2000 network and the distortions on Greece’s protected areas due to Article 219 (now article 218) which was included in a new law of the Ministry of Development and Investment.

  • What is the Natura 2000 network and which are some of Greece’s Natura 2000 areas?
  • What are the provisions of EU legislation about these sites?
  • What is their significance for nature and humans?
  • What is the development potential of Natura 2000 areas?
  • What changes as a result of article 219 (now article 218) in a new law approved by Parliament recently?

These were some of the topics discussed by Ioli Christopoulou and Nina Maria Paschalidou on the show. Also speaking at the podcast were Konstantinos Aravossis, General Secretary of Environment and Water, at the Ministry of Environment and Energy, Kriton Arsenis, Member of Parliament of MeRA25, and Demetres Karavells, CEO of WWF Greece.

 You can listen to the entire podcast here (in Greek) as well as the excerpt with Ioli Christopoulou: