Greek caves and bats

Collaboration between the Green Tank and the LIFE GRECABAT project during a two-day conference organized by the project’s team at the Ministry of Environment and Energy on December 13 2019.  

The two-day conference titled “Caves and bats: Towards integrated protection and management” was the first of a series of events which are planned within this LIFE project aimed to raise public awareness.  

During the two-conferences scheduled, invited representatives of stakeholder groups participate in round table discussions in order to document and prioritize problems linked to the protection of caves and other bat habitats, and to suggest options on the improvement of the protection framework. The conclusions from the round table discussions will be taken on by the LIFE GRECABAT team as they move forward with the project’s implementation.  

Ioli Christopoulou facilitated the round table discussion on the “sufficiency and implementation of the institutional framework and the management needs of caves and bat habitats”.

A summary (in Greek) of the two day conference has been publicized on the project’s website.