Renewables and nature restoration are pillars of the green transition

Reduced lignite production, more renewable energy sources and measures for nature are today the reality of the green transition. This was focus of the discussion between Ioli Christopoulou and journalists Nikos Andritsos, Korina Georgiou and Katerina Plati on SKAI 100.3’s Euranet radio show.

Starting from the record of zero lignite production for 87 consecutive years in Greece, Ioli Christopoulou pointed out that the increasing deployment of renewable energy sources in the country’s electricity production mix is already having visible results in curbing energy prices. This development is primarily due to the reduction of lignite-based energy production, but also to the reduction of gas and electricity consumption in the midst of the energy crisis. Referring to the Green Tank’s recent report, she stressed that Greece has successfully met the EU targets for the eight-month period August 2022 – March 2023, with a better performance than the EU-27 average, largely due to the greater penetration of renewables in the country’s electricity production mix.

At this juncture, the current revision of the National Energy and Climate Plan creates an opportunity for planning that will include more robust grids and electricity storage units that are necessary to advance the transition, with a view for Greece to become a green energy hub.

Commenting on the measures that the EU is attempting to take for nature with the Nature Restoration Law, Ioli Christopoulou pointed out the need to ensure the co-existence of renewable energy sources with nature, with a proper spatial planning that would allow them to contribute to the energy transition without affecting protected areas and vulnerable species. Together with the European Climate Law and the fit for 55 legislative package, legally binding nature targets are a pillar of the European Green Deal to achieve a climate-neutral Europe.

The discussion was broadcasted live on Sunday July 2023, 09 at SKAI 100.3 fm and it is now available at our YouTube channel (in Greek).