Participation in the public hearing on the environment bill

On Wednesday April 29, 2020, Ioli Christopoulou participated in the public hearing on the environmental bill of the Ministry of Environment and Energy at the Standing Committee of Production and Trade of the Hellenic Parliament.

Her initial intervention (in Greek):

During her remarks she noted that the bill includes many new provisions that had not been submitted to public consultation. In addition, she remarked that the discussion could have been initiated a few days later, when the Parliament returns to relatively normal working procedures rather than under the restrictions imposed due to the Covid-19 crisis.

She pointed out that the final text included significant changes on the comments and proposals submitted to the public consultation. However, several provisions still need to be amended, including the responsibilities of the new agency responsible for the protected areas, land use and designation of protected areas, renewable energy sources and spatial planning, and the necessity of a participatory in the design of the Just Transition Plan in order to ensure environmental protection and implementation of the provisions.

She finally answered several questions by Members of the Committee. You can see her second intervention here:

You can find the memo (in Greek) that was submitted to the Parliament’s Committee here.

You can watch the whole meeting (in Greek) of the Committee here.