World Environment Day reflections

Interview of Ioli Christopoulou to journalists Aspasia Vouzi and Dimitris Karamaounas on ERT3’s 102fm radio station, on the occasion of the World Environment Day.

This year’s day was dedicated to nature and its restoration, as 2021 marks the beginning of the Decade of Ecosystem Restoration, as agreed at UN level. The main argument developed by Ioli Christopoulou was the interaction between nature and mankind, noting that when nature is not at a good state, neither are humans. Nature is now calling for help and, if it gets the help it needs, it will help mankind back. In other words, there is a need to re-imagine, recreate and restore nature and our relationship with it. This, in fact, was the global message for the day.

In Greece, in particular, there are several challenges, that are still prevalent such as the consistent implementation and enforcement of the relevant legislation, but also the safeguarding of protected areas. For Greece, there is a also colossal challenge linked to the restoration of lignite regions, and their transition from “black” to “green”.

Ioli Christopoulou concluded by noting that there is a shift from declarations to actions, both at global and European level. Within the EU in particular, many financial resources have been committed, which if properly used can contribute to the change needed.

You can listen to the interview (in Greek) that was broadcast on 4.6.2021:

Read the Green Tank’s message for the World Environment Day that was included in the special joint announcement for the day that was issued by 31 environmental organizations, accompanied by a corresponding number of pictures.