Degradation of both the natural and the investment environment

Comments by Ioli Christopoulou on the article 219 of the bill of the Ministry of Development and Investment.

Speaking to journalist Christina Zafeirouli, Ioli Christopoulou explains how article 219 degrades both the natural and the investment environment in Greece. Instead of the priority in the design of protected areas to be in the protection of nature, with this article priority is given to the protection of investments. However, she notes that the provisions of Article 219 ultimately degrade the investment environment in Greece, as they add administrative burden, as well as cost and uncertainty for the future to any potential investment.

The comments were included in the article (in Greek) titled “The provision that brings private investors to Natura sites is divisive” which was published in on 4.3.2021.

Διχάζει η διάταξη που φέρνει ιδιώτες επενδυτές σε περιοχές Natura

Talking to journalist Sofia Emmanuel, Ioli Christopoulou notes that article 219 contradicts the rational way of designing a protected area. She points out, in particular, the following paradox: the article proposes the elaboration of special environmental studies for the definition of “sub-protected areas”, while the Ministry of Environment and Energy is implementing a project aimed at completing the special environmental studies and the complete – legal designation of all Greek Natura 2000 sites. These studies are the ones that should determine the development and investment terms in each protected area, and not vice versa.

The comments were included in the article (in Greek) titled “Natura: Article 219, Investments and value creation” which was published in CSR Index on 4.3.2021.

Natura: Αρθρο 219, επενδύσεις και η δημιουργία αξίας

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